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In the same spirit as the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church, the goal of this project is to allow for a better understanding of the poetry movement in New York around the time of the Mimeo Revolution. The recent digitization of all issues of The World has allowed for an analysis of its content and creation through data visualization. This magazine is so rich with history that it deserves to be analyzed, as it may reveal a new perspective on the poetry scene that flourished in New York’s Lower East Side. In particular, the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church served as a vital hub for poets to gather and share their ideas, so gaining a stronger understanding of the community that thrived there should be of use. My analysis compared the contributors list for each issue in an attempt to show it had changed over different issues. After all, the language of poetry is never static, persistently changing vicariously through the influence of each poet. The purpose of my project is to understand and visualize these changes.

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